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Meet our people through our Tanzania cultural tours

Our cultural tours are a fun way of experiencing the charm and friendliness of the Tanzanian people. There are several cultural sites throughout Moshi where you will encounter natural beauty, like rain forests, big waterfalls, magnificent views, some wildlife, and of course the Tanzanians themselves! Your cultural tour will directly support the villages’ desire to become more self-sufficient, preserve their indigenous culture, and aid environmental conservation efforts. You can include this tour in your wildlife experience tour where you will do this tour when you get back from safari if you have an extra day in Moshi or you can book it as a day tour

Cultural day tours


The Maasai are an extraordinary people with an even more extraordinary culture. They have lived in Tanzania for hundreds of years where they graze their precious cattle till today. 

Originating from ancient lands and simpler times the Maasai can trace themselves back hundreds of years. But the way they live today still reflects both when and where they came from. Maasai culture is unique and their customs are sometimes thought of as controversial. But their story is a very human one. 

Wildgem provides this one of a kind Maasai tour 74km from Moshi town where-by you will get to visit  and see how the every day to day life of a Maasai is, you will get to visit a traditional built village of the Maasai known as a "Boma" and you will also get to visit a unique Maasai museum in the area.


Chagga are located in north part of Tanzania , they live around the base and slope of Mt.Kilimanjaro. The Chaga also called Wachaga tribe is the main inhabitant of Moshi, they are famous for their good natural business skills and their large distribution through out the country, The fact that they come from a favorable climatic area and with an history of successful agricultural methods which include extensive irrigation systems and continuous fertilization practices for thousands of years makes the chagga famous and unique among the Tanzanian tribes  They were one of the first tribes in the country to convert to Christianity a fact that may have given them an economic advantage over other ethnic groups, as they had better access to education and health care as Christians.

Early migration patterns of the Niger–Congo Bantu's led the Chagga to settle in the North Pare Mountains. This is the Home of the ancestral chagga . A large population growth in the eleventh or twelve century led to a number of people to begin looking for a new land to settle which is today's Moshi at the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Tour with us through this cultural tour and get a chance to visit the chagga villages and understand more about this amazing tribe