Nice to meet you

Welcome to Wildgem Expeditions,

We will do our very best to make your experiences through Wildgem Expeditions as comfortable and memorable as possible.Please remember that your stay in a wilderness area involves certain increased and important risks and by traveling with Wildgem Expeditions you confirm that you have made yourself aware of the risks involved.

Please be aware that the camps & lodges are not fenced off from the surroundings Wild animals - large and small - wander through the accommodations and can be very dangerous. Do not let any children below the age of 16 walk around this property without parental supervision. The nature of the surroundings also causes an increase risk of fire, extreme weather conditions (for example lightning, floods, storms) or theft. Please do not swim in any rivers or lakes in the surrounding areas.

By agreeing to these terms, you agree that we - Wildgem Expeditions Group and any companies in the Wildgem Expeditions Group and all camps & lodges working with these entity, any of their employees, subcontractors or suppliers -do NOT accept any lability for any damage or loss of property, injury (fatal or otherwise) however caused, unless when caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of the management of Wildgem Expeditions member or camp you are visiting. This also applies to items which you have given into custody. This limitation of liability applies not only to the accommodations themselves but also to any activity carried under Wildgem Expeditions or in the surrounding land or arrange by Wildgem Expeditions( including but not limited to game drives, walking safari and any other excursions or form of transportation)

By agreeing to these terms you agree to Wildgem Expeditions, all camps and lodges associated with Wildgem Expeditions and any companies working alongside Wildgem Expeditions against any claim, which may be made by any member of your party or persons invited by you or other related parties and/or entities or representative(s). Finally, you hereby authorize the management of Wildgem Expeditions with associated camps & lodges and the central management teams of Wildgem Expeditions to in case of a medical emergency involving yourself or other members of your party, take any measures and incur any medical evacuation costs that is reasonably required to secure the health and safety of the person involved and you undertake that you have proper insurance cover for medical evacuation and that.