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Experience Tanzania

Wildgem we offer our services in the most comfortable, satisfying and enjoyable means. Right from your pick up at the airport / hotel to the very last day on safari with us we will give the top most quality services to you.

We understand the importance of satisfying guests needs and getting to their expectation that is why Wildgem welcomes you to a unique and iconic safari experience in the depth of Tanzania's wild side of nature, have close encounters with some of your favorite animals and enjoy a true classic African safari.

Tanzania is truly a blessed destination to any safari lover, if you are looking to understand nature and see the most of it then the wilderness areas our country gives with the high quality of services this is your right place to achieve this goal

  • Morning and evening drives
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Amazing Wilgem team
  • Knowledgeable guides throughout your safari
  • Personal service and comfortable accommodations

With some of the best destinations in the national parks you are guaranteed a cozy, relaxing and worth it accommodations to facilitate your safari experience. You will be thousands of miles away from the comfort of your home but we will make your destinations feel like your new home and its very important to understand that we tailor-make your safari so as to achieve your every single need

When you arrive at the Kilimanjaro international airport you are going to be warmly welcomed by your safari guide who will help you settle in your new environment, our team is very dedicated to giving the best in everything we do, the safari guide that is going to pick you up is already going to know your name and all about your special requirements and needs that you will have shared with us as you make your booking.

Depending on the weather of that day you are going to be greeted by a scenic view of the Mt. Kilimanjaro on your way out of the airport, you will then be driven to your hotel into moshi town or Arusha city where you will spend your night and have your meals there with an option of deciding to have dinner away from your hotel giving you a chance to dine with your guide so you can learn and understand more about your safari which is going to start the following day.

Wildgem works hand in hand with one of the best safari lodges and camps in Tanzania; we offer our accommodations in lodges or camps (Tented lodge) that are going to facilitate your safari vibe or spirit and make you feel you are as comfortable as you would have been at home because you will even have the small luxuries like good and tasty healthy food, flushing toilets, warm showering water and comfortable nights. We understand the importance of life's necessary luxuries and as remote as these places are we still assure the very best of services to all our guests


Lodge: A lodge is basically like a hotel, the only and main difference between the two is that one is located in the city and the other is located in the wilderness which is the lodge, while staying at a lodge you will be out on a game drive during the day and in the evenings you will enjoy all the amenities your lodge has to offer. After an exciting day of game drives, seeing some of your favorite animals and been out in the nature, you will arrive at your lodge where you will be greeted with a welcome drink and you will then settle in your private room. Take a shower to wash off the dust then have a sundowner as you start preparing for dinner.

Tented Lodge: When it comes to set up and location, a tented lodge camp is similar to a lodge. It is made up of a main tent and guest tents. These safari tents are spacious sleeping-cum-living tents with ensuite bathrooms and sometimes even a small terrace or pool. This means you don't have to worry because there is a proper bathroom with proper toilets and shower. Additionally to the guests tents there is one main tent to enjoy your meals, read a book, play a game or have a drink. Tented lodges range from basic to luxurious. In a tented lodge you are close to nature, without having to miss any comforts.