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Wildgem Expeditions a Tanzanian local tour operator that specializes in exploring Tanzania's touristic destinations and Tanzanian gemstones.

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We're a team of professional safari guides and environmental conservation enthusiasts who really want to share with you our passion for wildlife, its beauty and wonders. You'll enjoy our carefully crafted Safari itineraries each with careful consideration on how you can maximize your enjoyment in the wild while also appreciating the beauty of the wild. 

We're a registered tour operator, based in Moshi. We're 100% local Tanzania, therefore we know the country and the people very well. We thrive to give you unique African experience during your tour with us, but still maintain high level of international standard of services. Our main business is luxury private safaris, however we also do standard safari packages and we can customize your tour according to your budget, time and taste.

We offer different safari options to meet all our clients' needs - Safaris through the great National Parks in the country - Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangira, Manyara and Arusha National Park.

Other than just the wildlife, Tanzania is a perfect destination to experience true African culture through interactions with some of the many different traditional communities we have in the country.

We also have unique tours that are there to facilitate clients that are out to explore a lot in limited time, we have day tours that do departure daily and we also have special tours that visit rare unique areasof the country   

We have a dedicated team of wildlife guides who can teach you everything you want to know about the wildlife, the history of the areas and give you an unforgettable experience. Also, we offer cultural activities in some of the tribal villages, where you will get firsthand knowledge of the locals who have lived here their whole life. You can also do different things like preparing and eating traditional food cooked by the locals, interact with the families and try out some of the cultural activities done by these tribes.