Wildgem Projects
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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

Wildgem Projects are projects that are focussed on empowering the local communities in Tanzania. We have several projects that we actively participate in with the help of our guests and partnership with some of our trusted nonprofit organizations grounded by genuine common interests and goals of improving the education and lifestyle of different families around our areas of activities.

As you enjoy your experiences with wildgem in Tanzania, it is important to observe and interact with the community and make a difference through our outreach project. We offer educational sponsorship to pupils and students from families that aren't in a position to provide this very essential  tool  in life and 5% of the profit that we make through you touring with wildgem goes to this project.

We also have an initiative whereby  we offer the wildgem experience to children from families surrounding some of our protected areas because we believe  that anyone and everyone should at least once in a lifetime go through this very precious experience, giving them the exposure and educating them the importance of conservation of wildlife and the environment for their future. We partner up with guests organisations and different children's home within Arusha and Moshi and offer them this once in a life time experience.

Children are our future/the future of any society.An investment in a child’s education is an assurance that the future of our community is secure and in capable hands.Wildgem expeditions believes in inclusive growth.Join us then through our journey as we try improve the future of our community our brand and improve our societies one child at a time and more.